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Dec 14, 2017

Surgify, MIT Technology Review, SPARK Finland, seed stage VC, graduate

Surgify graduates from SPARK Finland program

SPARKee Surgify Medical is the first official graduate from SPARK Finland program. And the way how they have come to this point has been amazing. They have achieved their goals…


Dec 11, 2017

Call open for new projects

SPARK Finland opens a call for projects targeting on new solutions in healthtech and life science space. Eligible applicants are from Helsinki and Tampere regions – faculty, scientists, clinicians, students…


Dec 5, 2017

SPARK Finland, Finland, Centenary

Congratulations to the 100-year-old Finland

The centenary of Finland’s independence culminates in Finland’s Independence Day, on 6 December 2017. On behalf of whole SPARK Finland ecosystem we want to congratulate wonderful country of Finland and…


Nov 27, 2017

Helsinki, Tampere, Slush, SPARK, Australia, Germany, Norway, startup

SPARK managers visiting Finland

During this week Finland will be at the center of attention of global startup world. One of the worlds largest startup events, Slush, takes place in Helsinki with massive amount…


Nov 20, 2017

SPARK Finland, SPARK Berlin, Slush Y Science, Craig Garner, Michael Wallach, SPARK Australia, Slush, SPARK Global

SPARK is attending Slush

Slush is one of the leading startup events in the world and held annually in Helsinki (FIN). It brings together 17,500 attendees and 1 million live stream viewers. In 2016, over 2,300…


Nov 12, 2017

Surgify, SPARK Finland, SEBI, Sartar, FICAM, Biomarkkerit, iDenta, Dialysis Team, Olfactomics, Bio-Europe, Medica

Finnish SPARK teams on the road

Finnish SPARKees are once again on the road. On last week there was Bio-Europe event in Berlin (GER) and four of our teams attended on that. Teams were SEBI Group, Sartar…


Nov 7, 2017

SPARK Finland, Sartar Therapeutics, Heikki Joensuu, Orion

Professor Heikki Joensuu appointed as VP of Oncology R&D in Orion

Professor Heikki Joensuu, M.D., Ph.D., has been appointed Vice President of Therapy area Oncology, R&D in Orion Corporation as of 1 December 2017. He joins Orion from the Comprehensive Cancer Center,…


Nov 2, 2017

SPARK Norway up and running

European SPARK family has grown with a new official member… SPARK Norway has started it’s program and selected first projects in the end of October. University of Oslo (UiO Life…


Oct 24, 2017

SPARKee, Sartar Therapeutics, GIST, patent

SPARKee Sartar Therapeutics was awarded a U.S. patent

On last week Finnish SPARKee Sartar Therapeutics was awarded a U.S. patent for their novel targeted therapy for gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST). GIST is a rare intestinal soft tissue tumor…


Oct 23, 2017

SPARK Finland, Dean, Risto Renkonen, University of Helsinki

Risto Renkonen continues as Dean of Faculty of Medicine

The Board of University of Helsinki assigned Professor of Glycobiology Risto Renkonen for the third term (2018-2021) as a Dean of Faculty of Medicine. He has had a strong vision how…