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Dec 21, 2020

SPARK Finland, education, SPARK BIH, SPARK FLI, SPARK Poland, SPARK Tel Aviv, Webinar

SPARK Europe webinar series spring 2021

For the first time, European SPARKs will organize a joint webinar series during spring 2021. The series will cover topics from design thinking to challenges in selling complex high-tech products…


Nov 10, 2020

SPARK Finland, education

Health tech and life science R&D course, spring 2021

During spring 2021 SPARK Finland organizes the traditional course and lecture series on Health Tech and Life Science R&D. This course (5 ECTS) is organized at Tampere University by SPARK…


Oct 20, 2020

Sartar Therapeutics, Springvest, SPARK Finland alumni, Tenacity, Funding

Tenacity is vital when raising funding

Sartar Therapeutics, a SPARK Finland alumni, closed yesterday a funding campaign organized by Springvest. They reached in few days the maximum targeted amount 2.3 million euro. Over the past three…


Oct 19, 2020

Sartar Therapeutics, Springvest, crowdfunding, SPARK Finland alumni

Sartar Therapeutics closed 2.3 million euro crowdfunding round

A pharmaceutical company Sartar Therapeutics, a SPARK Finland alumni, has closed a crowdfunding campaign with great success. Funding round was organized by Springvest and campaign opened in October 14th at…


Oct 18, 2020

Sartar Therapeutics, Springvest, crowdfunding, SPARK Finland alumni

Sartar Therapeutics raising remarkable funding

Sartar Therapeutics Oy, a SPARK Finland alumni, has a crowdfunding campaign going on. Funding round is organized by Springvest and by the end of first week Sartar has commitments already…


Sep 25, 2020

SPARK Finland, BIO SPARK Showcase, DecoDerma, Anison, Bio Investor Forum 2020, SPARK Norway

DecoDerma and Anison were selected to Silicon Valley investor event

Two Finnish SPARK projects were once again selected to one of the leading biotech and pharma investor event in Silicon Valley. DecoDerma (a tissue specific therapy for skin diseases) and…


Jun 17, 2020

8th Annual Training Course in Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship for European Students

SPARK Finland organizes together with European SPARKs and University Technology Sydney in Australia the 8thAnnual Training Course in Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship. First time in its history, this intensive course…


May 15, 2020

SPARK Finland, University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University, Health Campus Turku, Design thinking, University of Oslo, University of South-Eastern Norway, University of Tartu, NordPlus, Hasso Plattner Institute

New educational project for design thinking in health technology

The Nordic Council of Ministers has granted 50,000 euros in NordPlus funding for an educational project Design thinking in health technology education – Design Future Health – Great. In collaboration…


Apr 29, 2020

covid-19, Aalto University, XFold Imaging, nanocoated glass slide

SPARK alumni XFold Imaging boosting the battle against COVID-19

XFold Imaging, a SPARK Finland alumni and a start-up company originating from Aalto University, is currently cooperating with the scientific communities of universities in several countries in order to solve…


Apr 21, 2020

Health Incubator Helsinki

Health Incubator Helsinki extended application period until 30.4.

Health Incubator Helsinki is a comprehensive incubator program for research-based early stage teams and start-ups operating in the health sector in Finland and abroad. The program, created and operated together…