HUBS and SPARK Finland looking for partners in the field of life sciences and health technology


Mar 31 2021

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Updated May 11th, 2021!
Spark Finland and HUBS will team up in the Tampere Area in autumn 2021 when companies in the fields of medicine, biomedical engineering, logopedics, psychology, medical care, biotechnology and health technology are sought as partners for the Innovation Challenges course.

What is HUBS? HUBS is a promoter of sustainable entrepreneurship in the Tampere higher education community. We offer free-choice studies that develop students’ skills and competences in innovation and entrepreneurship themes. During the Innovation Challenges -course we solve challenges in multidisciplinary teams with the help of design thinking process.

When: The 8-week course will be arranged as present/hybrid course on campuses in period 2. in the academic year 2021-2022. The course is in English.

We are now looking for partners to the Innovation Challenges! By participating in the course as a client and bringing your own challenge to student teams, you can get a multidisciplinary team or teams to develop new solutions that benefit your business. The end solution is a complete solution, tested with the right target group and based on genuine data, or a concept (Minimum Viable Product) that allows you to start developing your business further. We also need your expertise as part of the coaching process, as the industry information and sparring you provide is part of the coaching package.

Let´s walk the talk together!

More information and inspiration:

SPARK Finland: Outi Väisänen, forename.surname at

HUBS: Minttu Ripatti, forename.surname at

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