Maculaser raised €1,2 million from investors


Feb 10 2021

Maculaser, Aalto University, Innovestor Ventures, Jaakko Ollila, funding round

Finnish medical technology startup, a SPARK Finland alumni Maculaser, has raised a €1.2 million funding round for their patented laser treatment technology that aims to halt the progression of blinding retinal diseases. The round was led by Finnish venture capital investor Innovestor Ventures with participation from institutional and private investors including business angel Jaakko Ollila and several medical doctors.

The funding will be used to accelerate product commercialization and move the company to the clinical trial phase. The company’s potentially game-changing treatment has its roots in a broad research program started in 2013 at Aalto University. Maculaser has completed preclinical trials and validated that the core technology works, and they have shown that the treatment successfully activates the cellular-level healing response. Next, the company is gearing up for their clinical trials that are expected to start in 2021.

SPARK Finland community congratulates Maculaser team for excellent work and wishes bright future in their journey for developing a value creating solution!

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