New SPARKees join the program


Sep 26 2017

Hedman, Oksala, Heinonen, Viheriälä, SPARKees

During August/September we have had an extra call for 3-4 new projects to attend our SPARK program.

Selection was supported by our international panel of 14 professionals that represent large spectrum of top-notch expertise in fields of health, health tech and life science (e.g. science, technology, R&D, business, finance…).

We were fortunate to receive excellent project proposals by highly competent and experienced teams from Helsinki metropolitan area and Tampere region. Unfortunately – at this time – we had only 3-4 vacant places for new projects and teams… Several others would have deserved to be selected. The good news is that we will have a normal annual call in Dec17/Jan18 so we warmly encourage them to join that.

New selected projects are:

  • Klaus Hedman et al.: Viral infection diagnostic test
  • Niku Oksala et al.: Tissue analysis for breast cancer surgery
  • Tuula Heinonen et al.: Toxicity test for heart cells
  • Jukka Viheriälä et al.: Laser solution for eye treatment

We are happy to welcome our new teams to join our program and pool of Finnish and Global SPARKees!

You find our teams from the section For Idea-Owners.