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Apr 22, 2022

SPARK Finland, call, BioDesign, Open

Call for SPARK Finland program is open

Call for SPARK Finland program is once again open. Twice a year – in May/June and Nov/Dec – an expert panel of faculty and industry advisors reviews proposals submitted from…


Mar 18, 2022

SPARK Finland, Open call, Biodesign Finland

Open call for Biodesign Finland

Once again Biodesign Finland has open call for new teams and projects. The call is open until 14.4.2022. Originally program model was developed at Stanford University. Biodesign aims at improved…


Feb 15, 2022

Innovestor, Life Science & Health Fund, 60 million euro, Pekka Simula, Milla Koistinaho

New Life Science & Health Fund to Finland

Finnish venture capital firm Innovestor has launched a new Life Science & Health fund focusing on early-stage opportunities in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The fund has completed a first…


Feb 10, 2022

Health Incubator Helsinki, Open call

Health Incubator Helsinki has an open call

Health Incubator Helsinki (HIH), the long-term incubator program for research-based health sector startups in Helsinki, is now open for applications for the third time. The application period is from 7…


Jan 18, 2022

Stanford University, Novo Nordisk Foundation, SPARK Denmark, European SPARK network

SPARK Denmark joins European and global SPARK network

The innovation programme SPARK Denmark is being established at Denmark’s five largest universities based on a grant of DKK 44 million from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. SPARK Denmark builds on…


Dec 21, 2021

SPARK Finland alumni, Koite Health, Lumoral, 3 million euro

Koite Health has closed 3 million euro investment round

SPARK Finland alumni Koite Health Oy has announced that they have just recently closed a 3 million euro investment round. Prior to this round they had raised 1,3 million euro…


Dec 17, 2021

SPARKee, LASU, Tampere University, Plasmonics, IP acquired

LASU’s IP was acquired by Plasmonics

SPARKee researchers at Tampere University have developed a light-activated dye that destroys bacteria, fungi, and viruses on the surface of textiles. The ground-breaking innovation called LASU (light-activated antimicrobial substance) may…


Dec 1, 2021

Surgify, SPARK Finland alumni, Surgify Medical, First surgeries

Surgify’s solution was used successfully on patients

Finnish startup Surgify – a SPARK Finland alumni – that recently launched an all-new and innovative surgical technology which allows surgeons to perform surgical operations on bones faster and safer…


Nov 8, 2021

Business Finland, call, Innovation funding

Business Finland: Call for health and wellbeing competence and technology

Business Finland has open call for “HEALTH AND WELLBEING COMPETENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ” until January 31, 2022. The funding call applies to innovative solutions in the health and wellbeing sector…


Nov 2, 2021

SPARK Finland, Open call, Batch Spring 2022, Info event

Info events for our open call

SPARK Finland have opened a call for applicants for Batch Spring 2022. The call is open 1.-30.11.2021 and we organize info events on Thu 4.11. at 12:00 and Mon 15.11. at 14:00. In our…