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Mar 1, 2021

iDenta, Aalto University, SPARK Finland alumni, Koite Health, BioDesign, A round, Lumoral

Koite Health goes global to address the billion-dollar market

Antibiotic resistance and bacteria caused diseases are a major threat to modern medicine and contribute to high health care costs and deaths. Koite Health – a SPARK alumni and BioDesign…


Feb 19, 2021

SPARKees, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Pioneer Innovator Grants, Tero Järvinen, Heli Skottman, Dario Grego, Esa Räsänen, Tampere University

In 2020 Novo Nordisk Foundation acknowledged Finnish SPARKees

In 2020 Finnish SPARKees were successful in raising awareness in many forums. Awareness transformed also to raised funding. Researchers at Tampere University received in 2020 four Pioneer Innovator Grants from…


Feb 15, 2021

HUS, University of Helsinki, funding round, EpiHeart, Invesdor, Helsinki University Hospital

EpiHeart closed €600.000 crowdfunding round

Finnish medical technology startup, a SPARK Finland alumni Epiheart Oy, has raised more than 600.000 euro in a crowdfunding seed round for development of their Cardiac Micrograft Therapy™ – a new method to treat…


Feb 10, 2021

Maculaser, Aalto University, Innovestor Ventures, Jaakko Ollila, funding round

Maculaser raised €1,2 million from investors

Finnish medical technology startup, a SPARK Finland alumni Maculaser, has raised a €1.2 million funding round for their patented laser treatment technology that aims to halt the progression of blinding…


Jan 12, 2021

SPARK Finland, Batch 2021, peer support, international evaluation panel, networks, high quality projects

SPARK Finland selected 11 new SPARKees

In 2021 SPARK Finland continues with a new batch of cool projects and aims to support even stronger emergence of the new international success cases in health tech and life…


Jan 8, 2021

Funding, Surgify Medical, Innovestor Ventures, Peter Lindell, Leena Niemistö

Surgify Medical raised 1,4 million euro private funding

A Finnish neurosurgical device company, Surgify Medical – a SPARK alumni – has closed a new 1,4 million euro funding round from private investors. For this round investors were a…


Jan 4, 2021

StemSight, Biofit, Most Innovative Start-up

StemSight received award of the most innovative start-up at BIOFIT 2020

StemSight, a Finnish SPARKee that is becoming a start-up, is the winner of 2020 edition of the Start-up Slams, from the Ophthalmology and Cell Therapy category. “We are honoured to…


Jan 3, 2021

Maculaser, Aalto University, Innovation of the Year

Maculaser awarded as the “Innovation of the Year” at Aalto

SPARKees continue their way of being acknowledged for their new cool solutions. Couple of weeks ago Maculaser received the Innovation of the Year Award by Aalto University’s School of Science…


Dec 21, 2020

SPARK Finland, education, SPARK BIH, SPARK FLI, SPARK Poland, SPARK Tel Aviv, Webinar

SPARK Europe webinar series spring 2021

For the first time, European SPARKs will organize a joint webinar series during spring 2021. The series will cover topics from design thinking to challenges in selling complex high-tech products…


Nov 10, 2020

SPARK Finland, education

Health tech and life science R&D course, spring 2021

During spring 2021 SPARK Finland organizes the traditional course and lecture series on Health Tech and Life Science R&D. This course (5 ECTS) is organized at Tampere University by SPARK…