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Dec 18, 2019

SPARK Finland, SPARKees, evaluation panel, Patch 2020

SPARK Finland selected 19 new SPARKees

In December 9-10 SPARK Finland International evaluation panel selected new patch of SPARK projects and teams. Projects will start 2-3 year program in January 2020. International panel of 15 acknowledged…


Sep 30, 2019

pitching competition, Health, design, 2019

Health Design organizes a pitching competition

On October 15th 2019 Health Design Event has alongside with the conference a research based pitching competition for innovative solutions with impact for future wellbeing. Event will be held at…


Aug 20, 2019

Health technology and Life Science Business course and webinar series

This fall SPARK Finland organises again Health technology and Life Science Business course and webinar series. The course offers students a basic overview of the health technology and life science…


Jun 13, 2019

SPARK Finland has initiated a pilot program on Entries

SPARK Finland has initiated a pilot program on Entries, a digital platform providing “minute regulatory runways” into the European medical device directives and the new regulations, the MDR and the…


Feb 13, 2019

New SPARKees selected to SPARK Finland

Last week our international evaluation panel selected a new batch of projects (Batch 2019) for SPARK Finland. Projects represent wide spectrum of competencies and strengths that Finland has in health…


Jan 16, 2019

SPARK Finland, Dr Niklas Sandler, Nanoform, CTO, Steering group

Dr Niklas Sandler hired as CTO in Nanoform

Dr Niklas Sandler – member of Steering Group of SPARK Finland and one of the key figures of SPARK in Turku – is named as Nanoform’s new chief technology officer…


Jan 14, 2019

SPARK Finland, call, Applying, Batch 2019

Call for batch 2019 is closed

Call for SPARK Finland Batch 2019 is closed… Stay tuned for the news regarding selection of the new SPARKees.


Dec 23, 2018

Season's greetings, Happy Holidays

Season’s Greetings from SPARK Finland

On behalf of SPARK Finland management team, SPARKees, and our mentors, we want to thank all of our friends, partners and contributors for a fantastic year 2018! We wish you…


Oct 23, 2018

Sartar Therapeutics, SCELLOMICS, SCellex, Päivi Saavalainen, Harri Sihto, BIO SPARK Showcase, Bio Investor Forum, SPARK at Stanford

Finnish SPARKees participated in BIO Investor Forum 2018

On October 16-18 two Finnish SPARKees – Sartar Therapeutics and SCellomics (a newly established IP company SCellex) – participated in BIO SPARK Showcase and BIO Investor Forum 2018 events in San Francisco…


Sep 18, 2018

SPARK Finland, SPARK Global, Teemu Heinonen, Waltteri Sorvisto, health tech, life science, report, industry, business schools

Bridging a gap between business schools and health tech and life sciences

During the summer 2018 SPARK Finland conducted a review on the discussions and ecosystems of Finnish health tech and life science development and how it is associated with business schools. Project…