Nordic SPARK programs deepening collaboration


May 30 2023

SPARK Finland, SPARK Norway, SPARK Denmark, European SPARK network, Nordic SPARK programs

Nordic SPARK programs are deepening collaboration in developing program offering. Last week, program directors of SPARK Finland, SPARK Norway and SPARK Denmark were designing next steps for their collaborative activities. There is a mutual understanding how joining forces for example in education, mentoring, and showcase events would improve the offering and visibility of our programs.

One of the key activities is boosting SPARK project teams to get exposed with relevant audiences like industry, investors and future customers. At the same time, projects become “existing” for those audiences. Exposing happens through attending the most relevant events in the world and by organizing our own showcase events. Nordic countries have very small own markets and they are small by population, each of the three having approximately 5.5 million inhabitants. Pooling resources brings more value for each program, and together we are able to present a larger pool of top-notch projects to the world.

This follows the same trend that we have had in the whole European SPARK network. We have worked together already several years and provided joint webinar series, “innovators café” events, and we have new activities bubbling under. We are extremely proud also about the trend that European network has been strengthening year after year. Furthermore, we are truly excited to announce new positive news on this front… Stay tuned for those.