“A really great program that has enabled several important contacts for our company and helped to grow as a entrepreneur.” Harri, Sartar Therapeutics
“Surgify received highly important expert advice and international networks from the SPARK Finland -program. This is the place-to-be for a starting medtech entrepreneur!”


SPARKees – our teams

Batch: 2020
Smart Jumpsuit

Batch: 2020

Method for objective assessment of infant motor development

Contact person: Sampsa Vanhatalo


Batch: 2020

Tissue specific therapy for skin diseases

Contact person: Tero Järvinen


Batch: 2020

Platform for optimized production of biotechnological proteins

Contact person: Ville Paavilainen


Batch: 2020

Cognitive assessment in virtual reality

Contact person: Susanna Stjerna


Batch: 2020

Quantifying Epilepsy

Contact person: Veikko Jousmäki


Batch: 2020

Functional brain imaging reshaped

Contact person: Marko Havu

3D CelluGel

Batch: 2020

A Novel Cell Growth Matrix by 3D Printing of Biopolymers

Contact person: Chunlin Xu


Batch: 2020

Smart heart monitoring

Contact person: Arto Kotimaa


Batch: 2020

Cardiac Micrograft Therapy™ for treating Ischhemic Scars and Heart Failure

Contact person: Kai Kronström


Batch: 2020

Accurate correction for QT interval ‒ the most important cardiac risk measure

Contact person: Esa Räsänen


Batch: 2020

Long-term oral drug delivery

Contact person: Antti Rahikkala


Batch: 2020

Personalized symptom diary for patients

Contact person: Kaisa Pihlainen


Batch: 2020

Natural medication for human papillomavirus (HPV)-associated warts

Contact person: Preethy Paul


Batch: 2020

Functional insight into hypercholesterolemia patients

Contact person: Simon Pfisterer

Algoa Progress

Batch: 2020

Personalized treatment planning of osteoarthritis

Contact person: Joona Kemppainen

Solving the Mesh

Batch: 2020

Implantable mesh to treat pelvic organ prolapse

Contact person: Jani Kuula


Batch: 2020

Indoor air diagnostics with fluorescent C. elegans nematodes

Contact person: Päivi Koskinen

Batch: 2019

Batch: 2019

Novel treatment for limbal epithelial stem cell deficiency

Contact person: Heli Skottman

Alternative Antibiotics

Batch: 2019

Novel therapeutics that can treat antimicrobial resistant bacteria

Contact person: Christopher Jonkergouw


Batch: 2019

Distal radius fractures artificial intelligence diagnostic tool

Contact person: Jorma Ryhänen


Batch: 2019

Ultrasound solution for cancer biopsies

Contact person: Jouni Rantanen


Batch: 2019

Simple droplet devices for biomedicine, diagnostics and pharma

Contact person: Päivi Saavalainen


Batch: 2019

Diagnostic test for vitamin B3 metabolism deficiency

Contact person: Liliya Euro


Batch: 2019

Topographically tuned and sustainable surfaces for biological applications

Contact person: Erik Niemelä

Batch: Fall 2018
PARKS – Parkinson’s Biomarker Test

Batch: Fall 2018

Parkinson’s signature biomarker assay

Contact person: Eleanor Coffey

Batch: Spring 2018
Team Scheperjans

Batch: Spring 2018

Microbiome based diagnostics for Parkinson’s disease

Contact person: Filip Scheperjans


Batch: Spring 2018

Light-activated antimicrobial surfaces and materials

Contact person: Alexandre Efimov

Batch: Fall 2017

Batch: Fall 2017

AI solution for toxicity testing

Contact person: Dario Greco


Batch: Fall 2017

Toxicity test for heart cells (FICAM based stem cell model)

Contact person: Tuula Heinonen


Alumni: 2018
Team Scheperjans

Batch: Spring 2018

Microbiome based therapy for Parkinson’s disease
Preliminary contract with a large company

Contact person: Filip Scheperjans


Batch: Fall 2017

Tissue analysis for breast cancer surgery
Spin out to Olfactomics Oy

Contact person: Antti Roine


Batch: Pilot 2016 / Spring 2017

Nano structure for bioimaging
Spin-out to XFold Imaging Oy

Contact person: Timo Jäntti


Batch: Pilot 2016 / Spring 2017

Caries and infection prevention and treatment
Spin-out to Koite Health Oy

Contact person: Tommi Pätilä


Batch: Pilot 2016 / Spring 2017

Safety mechanism for surgical drills
Spin-out to Surgify Medical Oy

Contact person: Visa Sippola

Alumni: 2019
Liquid Biopsy Solutions

Batch: Fall 2018

Laboratory and computational method for liquid biopsies.
Spin-out to Genomill Health Oy

Contact person: Manu Tamminen

PPI Modulators

Batch: Fall 2018

Rational discovery of protein-protein interaction modulators

Spin-out to Aurlide Oy

Contact person: Olli Pentikäinen


Batch: Spring 2018

Novel single cell omics methods.
Spin-out to Scellex Oy

Contact person: Päivi Saavalainen


Batch: Fall 2017

Laser solution for eye treatment

Contact person: Jukka Viheriälä

Dialysis team

Batch: Spring 2017

Peritoneal diagnostics for dialysis patients.
Spin-out to Smart PD Solutions Oy

Contact person: Pirgit Silvast-Äikäs


Batch: Pilot 2016 / Spring 2017

Cancer drug for GIST
Spin out to Sartar Therapeutics Oy

Contact person: Harri Sihto

Alumni: 2020

Batch: Spring 2018

Method for extra-cellular vesicle isolation
Spin-out under establishment

Contact person: Maija Puhka


Batch: Spring 2018

Method to monitor the oxygenation of myocardial tissue
Spin-out to SpectroCor Oy

Contact person: Kalle Kotilahti


Batch: Spring 2018

Novel heat treatment for age related macular degeneration
Spin-out to Maculaser Oy

Contact person: Jani Tirronen

TB Biofilm

Batch: Spring 2018

Mycobacterial biofilms as anti-tuberculosis drug targets
Became a cornerstone of an extensive multinational research program (FIN, AUS, U.S., ZA...)

Contact person: Mataleena Parikka

Ocular Surface Precision Panel

Batch: Spring 2017

Ocular biomarker panel and analysis
Spin-out under establishment

Contact person: Ulla Aapola

GreenSeq/ Seqnom

Batch: Spring 2017

Microbiological Analyses on (Blue) Bio- and Circular Economies
Spin-out under establishment

Contact person: Kirsi-Maarit Lehto