SPARK alumni XFold Imaging boosting the battle against COVID-19


Apr 29 2020

covid-19, Aalto University, XFold Imaging, nanocoated glass slide

XFold Imaging, a SPARK Finland alumni and a start-up company originating from Aalto University, is currently cooperating with the scientific communities of universities in several countries in order to solve the coronavirus crisis.

The nanocoated glass slide developed by the company is being used to improve the images produced by microscopes, making them dozens of times more accurate than the current technology. These slides enable identifying coronavirus at an earlier stage and diagnosing the virus from blood, which also speeds up the diagnosis process.

At the moment their technology is being tested in Finland at the University of Helsinki, Viikki Biocenter, and Biomedicum in Meilahti. In addition, the company now has pilots in the scientific communities of universities such as Okinawa in Japan, Stanford and Boston in the USA, and Belgium, France and Denmark.

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