SPARK Finland expands and strengthens management team


Feb 17 2020

Joensuu, University of Eastern Finland, Helsinki, Antti Kotimaa, Sebastian Soidinsalo, Thomas Lemström, Turku, Kuopio

SPARK Finland has once again expanded and same time strengthened its management team.

On January 1st 2020 University of Eastern Finland joined the SPARK Finland and brought Kuopio and Joensuu city regions to our network. Same time Dr Antti Kotimaa became our development manager in Kuopio and Joensuu regions and he brings strong molecular biology and commercialization expertise to our management team.

While Amanda Paananen – our manager at Helsinki capital region – is on her maternity leave, Sebastian Soidinsalo (MSc) joined as a development manager to strengthen our team. He brings pharmaceutical and diagnostics development competencies integrated business development competencies, and he coordinates our activities in Helsinki capital region.

In Turku city region our development manager Dr Juuso Blomster (MD, PhD) became a co-founder and CEO at Precordior Ltd, but still remains in our team as Key Medical Advisor. Thomas Lemström (MScEng) has joined our team as a business design advisor and coordinator of activities in Turku region. He brings vast entrepreneurial,  design thinking and strategy expertise into our team.

On behalf of whole SPARK Finland community we warmly welcome University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio and Joensuu regions to our program! We are also thrilled to have new colleagues to complete our management team!