SPARK Finland was selected top 25 biotech incubators in Europe


Apr 6 2021

SPARK Finland, SPARK Global,, 25 best biotech incubators in Europe, SPARK Europe is the leading digital media covering the European Biotech industry. According to their latest news SPARK Finland has been selected into TOP 25 biotech incubators hatching startup stars in Europe. According to the article

… incubators can give biotech startups the boost they need to get off the ground. These are our top picks of the biotech incubators across Europe supporting the next generation of life science startups.

Creating a biotech company is a challenging, long-term endeavor. In particular, the first steps can be essential to set up a new business on the right path towards success. Incubators can offer a startup the resources needed to get there, be it laboratory space, mentorship, or access to an exclusive network of experts.

Given the importance of the biotechnology sector in Europe, many startup incubators across the continent specialize in supporting life science startups. These biotech incubators offer facilities, mentoring, and networking options that can prove crucial in determining the fate of a young biotech company.

SPARK Finland is maybe the youngest programs in Europe that has been established to boost both national and European biotech ecosystems. Despite being the youngest, the output has been excellent already after first 3,5 years. You can find some of the output at the list of our alumni.

SPARK Finland has its own unique features.

First distinctive feature is that the project teams are our heroes! They are the ones that we are here for – they are the ones that commit their time and passion to increase maturity of their ideas towards practical and value creating solutions.

The second is our community… SPARK is a community based program and rooted into our scientist, clinician and student communities.

Third important feature is our management team; it is tailor built for this concept and is truly business relevant.

The fourth feature is our mentor and advisor pool; it is based on top-notch professionals from industry, investor, scientific and clinical fields around the world.

Fifth feature is exposing the teams at major markets for testing their hypotheses. Program integrates project teams with top-tier professionals – already at the earliest stages – at the top tier industry, investor and customer events around the world. That enables testing hypothesis among relevant people, very early on, and get highly relevant feedback.

Sixth feature is that we educate next generation of students, scientists and clinicians how to develop new valuable solutions and what do you need to understand about business and finance to make it happen.

SPARK Finland has been also building actively European SPARK network as well as SPARK Global network. Those have made possible also to find brightest minds and friendliest people to support our teams. These networks and our SPARK managers around the world have made possible to achieve our positive results so quickly.

On behalf of our whole community we send warmest thanks for this acknowledgement! This boosts us to work even harder and learn more how to improve our concept.

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