Surgify graduates from SPARK Finland program


Dec 14 2017

Surgify, MIT Technology Review, SPARK Finland, seed stage VC, graduate

SPARKee Surgify Medical is the first official graduate from SPARK Finland program. And the way how they have come to this point has been amazing.

They have achieved their goals way before their time limit of two years with several other accomplishments.

Surgify is a creation of a student team – students from two universities, with competencies of several disciplines… medicine, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering. Their intelligence, integrity, ability to learn and their work ethic have amazed over and over again people that have been working with them.

Surgify team has been sustainably active in participating our SPARK events and in learning from mentoring and discussions related to other projects. Before entering to the program they had already built an advisory board which represents top notch expertise of this industry.

Surgify team in December 2017 (© Surgify Medical 2017)

Team has been always open for advice and feedback and been active in building their contact network. They have been actively integrating themselves to the global hotspots of this industry. They have been working as a team for overcoming obstacles. And they have utilized fully the opportunities that SPARK program and network have been able to offer for them.

Even though they have been actively participating in entrepreneurship events and pitching their case in multiple stages, they have never forgot to work on the most important thing in their project; making a valuable, meaningful and working solution.

Their solution is targeted on surgical operations. Bone cutting procedures have risks of complications, which are caused by surgical drill cutting or damaging soft structures, such as central nervous system structures. For example, there is up to 30% risk of damaging soft tissues in skull opening procedures. Reducing these complications rates by making the drill more controllable and safer for soft tissues is preferred. Surgify technology enables surgeons to reduce patient suffering by protecting the vital structures, such as nerves, blood vessels and organs.

Surgify burr used in drilling (© Surgify Medical 2017)

The results speaks for the quality of their work.

Just to name few… They have recently raised 1 million euro seed stage VC financing and running to double it with non-dilutive R&D financing. Founder and CEO, Visa Sippola, was selected by MIT Technology Review among TOP 35 under 35 in Europe as the most talented young innovators and entrepreneurs who are developing new technologies to address the most pressing issues faced by society. Their solution gets also positive feedback; potential customers love their solution and understand the meaning and value of it.

Founding team have become true spearhead of the new generation of Finnish health tech entrepreneurship.

On behalf of SPARK Finland and SPARK Global network we want to thank Surgify team for a great journey with us, and we wish great success for the future!

And once a SPARKee, always a SPARKee. Surgify has our full support also in the future for getting their solution to the everyday use by surgeons.

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