Voima Ventures to back NADMED


Oct 11 2022

SPARK Finland, Voima Ventures, NADMED, Financing round

The easy and reliable method that measures all NAD metabolites has also convinced financiers. SPARK Finland alumni NADMED recently completed its first financing round of half a million euros, led by deep tech fund Voima Ventures. Other investors include individuals and members of the company’s executive management and board of directors.

NADMED brings to market a new type of NAD metabolite measurement technology based on an invention created in Professor Anu Wartiovaara’s team at University of Helsinki. After years of rigorous studies, NADMED presents a first-of-a-kind solution which allows more profound and faster study of NADs. In the future, NADMED’s solution could also enable better targeted drug administration. Compared to current solutions – that are both time consuming and expensive – NAD measurement can now be performed quickly via blood tests in all clinical laboratories using equipment that already exists.

SPARK Finland congratulates all parties for a successful financing round! That allows the company to target on next milestones.

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