Finnish SPARKees participated in BIO Investor Forum 2018


Oct 23 2018

SCELLOMICS, SCellex, Päivi Saavalainen, Harri Sihto, BIO SPARK Showcase, Bio Investor Forum, SPARK at Stanford, Sartar Therapeutics

On October 16-18 two Finnish SPARKees – Sartar Therapeutics and SCellomics (a newly established IP company SCellex) – participated in BIO SPARK Showcase and BIO Investor Forum 2018 events in San Francisco (USA).

Our SPARKees were selected to present at BIO SPARK Showcase among ten other SPARKees from our global network. Out of 12 presenting projects/companies six were from Stanford University and six from other SPARK programs around the world. Audience of event consisted of investors, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, academic professionals and other relevant stakeholders. Event was organized by SPARK at Stanford in collaboration with organizers of BIO Investor Forum.

The BIO SPARK Showcase provides an excellent opportunity for academic researchers in the SPARK network to showcase drug development and related technology projects that are ready for partnering or venture funding.

It is historically well attended by the venture arms and business development units of major pharmaceutical companies, smaller specialty pharma/biotech companies looking to add to their pipelines, start-ups, and many early stage venture capital firms, making it the ideal setting for early stage assets from the university setting. Academics interested in partnering will present their programs and also have one-on-one discussions with interested parties.

Both Dr Päivi Saavalainen (SCellex) and Dr Harri Sihto (Satrar) did excellent job in presenting their cases and showing their potential for partnering with the industry and raising funding from investors.

On behalf of SPARK Finland we want to express massive thanks for organizing team of SPARK at Stanford and organizers of BIO Investor Forum for excellent three days in San Francisco. We are looking forward to participate these events also in upcoming years.

Harri Sihto and Päivi Saavalainen at BIO SPARK Showcase and BIO Investor Forum 2018.