LASU’s IP was acquired by Plasmonics


Dec 17 2021

SPARKee, LASU, Tampere University, Plasmonics, IP acquired

SPARKee researchers at Tampere University have developed a light-activated dye that destroys bacteria, fungi, and viruses on the surface of textiles. The ground-breaking innovation called LASU (light-activated antimicrobial substance) may be used, for example, in face masks against airborne diseases like COVID-19 and drug-resistant bacteria.

For the last five years the researchers have developed a novel light-activated material which becomes self-disinfecting under light and can be used to protect people against drug-resistant infections and viruses a well as many types of microorganisms. According to the research group leader, Doctor Alexander Efimov, the innovative LASU patent family was recently sold to Plasmonics Oy, a Finnish start-up company, which will continue to commercialise it.

“We have demonstrated that the LASU material is more stable and efficient than the best photosensitisers known to date, and what is most important, it works under regular indoor light. It is also suitable for mass production. The material can be prepared by simple dyeing to be effectively self-disinfecting in real life settings. We have tested the hazards according to standards and LASU can be used for items that come to contact with human skin,” Efimov says.

Treatment with the LASU dye produces self-disinfecting materials that are effective against many types of microorganisms simultaneously, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses including unknown strains.

SPARK Finland congratulates Alex and his team, University of Tampere and Plasmonics for  building a path for a great discovery towards working and value creating solutions!

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