Maculaser awarded as the “Innovation of the Year” at Aalto


Jan 3 2021

Maculaser, Aalto University, Innovation of the Year

SPARKees continue their way of being acknowledged for their new cool solutions.

Couple of weeks ago Maculaser received the Innovation of the Year Award by Aalto University’s School of Science for their innovation Temperature-controlled laser therapy for retinal disorders.

Maculaser develops novel medical technology for treatment of a common eye-disease, AMD, whose treatment constitutes a major unmet need: It is the leading cause of blindness in the developed world, with total direct healthcare system cost of 200 billion euros annually. Their innovations allow clinicians to perform previously infeasible laser therapy and help millions of people to retain their vision.

Maculaser is from Aalto University and one of the latest alumni from SPARK Finland that became a startup. We are truly excited to share more of their other achievements soon. Stay tuned!

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