New SPARK projects in full speed


Apr 6 2018

Scheperjans, Maculaser, Heart4Oxygen, FastEV, iCombine, HemoCure, LASU, MOMIC, SCELLOMICS, Parikka

A month ago started a new patch of SPARK projects at SPARK Finland. Projects represents nicely the wide spectrum of competencies and strengths that Finland has in health tech and life science space.

Teams are now in full speed in integrating themselves into our local ecosystem (other project teams, mentors, advisors…), re-iterating their projects from SPARK perspective, and exploring how they can seize opportunities that SPARK can provide – not only locally, but also globally.

We selected first time also “prospect SPARKees” that  are typically high risk/high reward projects that might need a bit extended development time (a third year) in the program and might require more upfront clarification work in initial phase (e.g. with technological feasibility, IP situation, freedom to operate, competition analysis, strategic differentiation, market positioning). Prospects become “full SPARKees” if/when they achieve their first year milestones.

New projects and teams are:

LASU Alexandre Efimov Light-Activated Antimicrobial Surfaces and Materials
MOMIC Johan Lundin Mobile digital microscope scanner (MoMic)
SCELLOMICS Päivi Saavalainen Novel single cell omics methods
Team Parikka Mataleena Parikka Mycobacterial biofilms as anti-tuberculosis drug targets
Team Scheperjans Filip Scheperjans Microbiome based diagnostics and therapy for Parkinson’s disease
Maculaser Teemu Turunen Novel heat treatment for age related macular degeneration
Heart4Oxygen Kalle Kotilahti Method to monitor the oxygenation of myocardial tissue
FastEV Maija Puhka Method for extra-cellular vesicle isolation
iCombine Jing Tang Clinical decision support system for personalized cancer treatments
HemoCure Mayank Saraswat Extra cellular vesicle solution for bleeding disorders

You can find all of our projects from here.

Stay tuned for the news on how our projects are progressing.