Sartar won HealthBIO pitching competition


Sep 9 2017

SPARK Finland, Sartar Therapeutics, pitching competition, GIST

Second day of the HealthBIO event at Turku was focusing on partnering, but also included a pitching competition.

Our SPARKee Sartar Therapeutics participated to the pitching contest. Sartar is a University of Helsinki based pharmaceutical company founded by four researchers. They are developing a targeted drug for treating GIST cancer by repurposing an existing drug. GISTs or gastrointestinal stromal tumors are tumors that develop mostly in the stomach but also in the small intestine and in the esophagus. Repurposing a drug is a faster and more efficient way of developing new drugs as the side effects and other properties of the drug are already known.

Chairman of Sartar, Dr. Harri Sihto, participated to the HealthBIO pitching competition and won it.

We warmly congratulate Harri and the whole Sartar team!

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