SPARK managers visiting Finland


Nov 27 2017

Helsinki, Tampere, Slush, SPARK, Australia, Germany, Norway, startup

During this week Finland will be at the center of attention of global startup world. One of the worlds largest startup events, Slush, takes place in Helsinki with massive amount of attendees and tens or hundreds of side events. People come from all over the world to experience unique atmosphere, inspiring presentations and meet like-minded people.

But not only startup and VC ecosystem enthusiast arrive to Helsinki. Also representatives from global SPARK community get together same time.

There will be managers from SPARK Australia, Germany and Norway visiting Finland and having workshops with SPARK Finland representatives for exploring new ways of international collaboration and joint initiatives. They will also attend to some of the Slush events and meets local stakeholders and project teams (SPARKees) of SPARK Finland. They will not be only in Helsinki; on Friday afternoon group will be visiting Tampere and meeting local collaborators and teams.

We warmly welcome everyone to come and meet us. The best way to reach us is to drop an email message and make an appointment. Or you can find us mingling at Slush or on Friday exploring Tampere ecosystem.


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