StemSight received award of the most innovative start-up at BIOFIT 2020


Jan 4 2021

StemSight, Biofit, Most Innovative Start-up

StemSight, a Finnish SPARKee that is becoming a start-up, is the winner of 2020 edition of the Start-up Slams, from the Ophthalmology and Cell Therapy category.

“We are honoured to be considered as the most innovative start-up by the high-level jury of BioFIT, even though we are still in the very early stages. It is especially valuable to gain feedback on not just the pitching but also on the technology and business considerations of the project. This recognition from the BioFIT jury will hopefully also give an additionally boost to our fundraising.”
Laura Koivusalo, Founder and CEO, StemSight

StemSight is developing new treatments for blindness by differentiating cell therapies from human pluripotent stem cells. StemSight is initially targeting a rare form of corneal blindness called limbal stem cell deficiency, a state where the cells responsible for the normal healing of the ocular surface are lost to injury or disease. StemSight’s approach aims to cure limbal stem cell deficiency permanently, by implanting allogeneic pluripotent stem cell-derived limbal stem cells to the corneal surface. StemSight is currently in the process of spinning out from Tampere University in Finland and raising their seed funding.

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