Surgify Medical raised 1,4 million euro private funding


Jan 8 2021

Funding, Surgify Medical, Innovestor Ventures, Peter Lindell, Leena Niemistö

A Finnish neurosurgical device company, Surgify Medical – a SPARK alumni – has closed a new 1,4 million euro funding round from private investors. For this round investors were a Finnish VC Innovestor Ventures, a Swedish angel Peter Lindell and a Finnish angel Leena Niemistö. Before this round they had raised in total 2,6 million euro private funding. Main target for the new funding is to get first hospitals as customers from Nordic countries.

Surgify has already sales approval for their first surgical solution. Their solution enables surgeons to reduce patient suffering by protecting the vital structures, such as nerves, blood vessels and organs. Solution provides also superior precision compared to conventional cutting tools, allowing surgeons to operate in hard to reach areas. It also speeds up the surgical process. Faster operations means less risks for the patient by decreasing the required anesthesia time and the risk of complications. It also allows hospitals to treat more patients with lower costs.

First to announce the funding news was Talouselämä.

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